Tips for the Senior or Disabled Farmer: Strategies and Modifications

Tips for the Senior or Disabled Farmer: Strategies and Modifications

  • The Benefits of Partnering with an Allergen Testing Service for Your Food Shipping Industry

    Food allergies are a growing concern in today's society. More and more people are becoming aware of the potential risks associated with consuming certain foods, and it is important for businesses in the food shipping industry to take these concerns seriously. One essential step that can help mitigate the risks of food allergies is working with an allergen testing service. This post explores the reasons why working with such a service is crucial for businesses in the agricultural industry.

  • Fleece And Farewell: A Guide To Identifying And Treating Lice In Sheep

    Lice are a common problem for sheep farmers, as they can cause significant discomfort and even health issues for the animals. Identifying lice infestations in sheep is crucial for preventing and treating the problem effectively.  Signs of Lice One of the most obvious signs of lice infestation in sheep is itching. Sheep that are infested with lice will often be seen scratching their skin excessively. This can lead to hair loss, scabs and open sores on the skin.

  • Key Tips for Picking the Right Almonds

    Australia is the world's second-largest almonds exporter. The domestic demand can be attributed to the health benefits of almonds, such as regulating blood sugar levels, promoting weight loss, enhancing healthy skin and boosting gut health. Today, you can find almonds in almost every local produce store or mall. Therefore, it is easy to shop for quality almonds. That said, certain factors come into play when picking almonds, and this article highlights some of the most crucial ones.

  • Shopping for Groceries? Here are 4 Ways to Minimise Pesticide Residues on Your Non-Organic Farm Produce

    Today, a significant number of consumers are concerned about purchasing groceries due to the pesticide residue scare. They are worried about exposing their families to these harmful elements despite the strict food regulations being implemented globally. Currently, there isn't any solid evidence proving that consumption of the small amounts pesticides found in farm produce can cause long-term health effects. However, fruit- or vegetable-rich diets help minimise chronic diseases — a major reason why they shouldn't be avoided.

  • How to Feed Your Kelpie

    Used throughout Australia to herd livestock, kelpies are energetic dogs that love to run around and play. Kelpies need to get the right balance of nutrients in their diet to fuel their high levels of activity. Whether your kelpie is a working farm dog or a much-loved family pet, use these tips to ensure he eats well. What to Feed Your Kelpie A premium dry dog food should form the basis of your kelpie's diet.

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    Tips for the Senior or Disabled Farmer: Strategies and Modifications

    Welcome to my blog. My name is Daniel, and about ten years ago, I received a call that my grandmother was very ill. At that time, I didn't have a family yet, and my job wasn't something I loved. I dropped everything and went to the old family farm to help. Luckily, my grandma got better, but I stayed because my grandfather was starting to struggle to do many of the things he needed to do as a farmer. I slowly began to take the farm over, something I had always wanted to do, but I also helped my grandfather stay involved for as long as possible. Now, I want to help others by making a blog of the strategies and modifications we used. I hope you like this blog!